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BlackBurn Tennis's Personal Stringer!

Strings and Racquets is the best in the Portland Metropolitan Area!

The old rule of thumb has always been to re-string your tennis racket as many times a year as you play in one week. Your strings begin losing tension the moment your racket is taken off the stringing machine. Re-stringing every three months helps to provide a better learning experience.

Benefits of restringing your tennis racquet:

  • Tension improvement - the most obvious reason.

  • String performance -As your strings go dead, they begin to lose their performance characteristics, which you may have bough them for in the first place.

  • Reduce shock - Maintaining a freshly strung racquet can help cut down on shock and increase comfort because strings lose their resilience, which aids in providing players with a softer response.

Strings & Racquets says . "We are professional tennis racquet stringers. Tennis has evolved over the years with never ending innovative technology of which allows for more variety in tennis equipment optimization. We are a local stringing team that also travels to tournaments, private clients, as well as deliver racquets as needed. We strive to excel in customer service to provide our clients with an experience like the Pros do."

If you feel like your racquet needs to be restrung, head over to Strings and Racquets and tell them that Blackburn Tennis sent you.

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