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About Blackburn Tennis

Anthony Blackburn has been teaching tennis for over 25 years. He played collegiately at the University of Oregon where he received his B.A. in Speech Communication. Anthony is a T.L.I. Certified Instructor, Head Pro at Portland Athletic Club, a Nike sponsor coach, a member of the USTA, and Technifiber Tennis Advisory Staff. Since 1990, Anthony has owned and operated Blackburn Tennis Productions providing individual coaching, group coaching, tennis camps, social events and coaching seminars. His Techniques acquired from nationally acclaimed instructors, possesses excellent communication and interpersonal skills. He is able to recognize a student's individual talents and unique assets.

For 20 years, Anthony was the head tennis teaching professional at the Nike World Headquarters. He has coached at Portland Athletic Club since 1985 and been the head professional for 15 years. Anthony also received the 1995 Ethics Minority Counsel Community Service Award for his meritorious service given to children in his community. He is a generous contributor to kids in tennis and Portland after school programs. Anthony also functions as a 'Traveling Coach" for students taking lessons at home, or for students participating in tournaments out of the local area. Anthony accompanies groups of adult student players to observe playing techniques at major tennis tournaments (i.e. U.S. Open, California events, etc.).

During his tennis career, Anthony has gotten valuable experiences from traveling to major professional tournaments to watch pros practice. These include a workout clinic with tennis legend, Roger Federer and teaching at a Davis cup event with James Blake. .Anthony has had the opportunity to gain insight by talking with Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka workout trainer to discuss types of professional work outs uses and gather insights about the mindset necessary to endure such workouts and become the number one.

Anthony describes his teaching technique as an old school technique (work hard play hard) while keeping up to date and evaluating new tennis techniques. He believe that as an instructor it is important to know all aspects and techniques of the game. Others describe him as kind yet strict, hardworking coach who values having fun. As Anthony would say, Hardwork over anything.

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